Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Amen. Brother.

Mark McCormak, shown here in the US PRO Champion jersey recently announced that he was retiring from the pro road peleton. Basically, he could no longer make enough money to support himself and his family by racing the bike. He was interviewed at the National Cyclocross Championships where he took 9th place in the Elite championship race and 2nd place in the Strawberry Elite Cup on the final day of the 2006 California Giant Berry Farms.

VN: Do you see yourself still racing masters races in 10 years like Ned
Overend or Steve Tilford?
MM: I hope so. I admire guys like that. Paul Curley, the guy who taught me the sport of cyclo-cross back in 1985, here he is in the 50-plus race. I admire that. I've been in the sport for so long that it will always be a part of me. I live in a region where there is racing every weekend for road and mountain-bike and 'cross. If bike racing is still a sport in 20 years, I will be doing it. Go Here for full interview.

Hardcore. Ride, race until you cannot.

Cycling is breath. Breath is life. Therefore, cycling is life. Cycling defines me. While I am many other things: a husband, a father, a son, a lawyer, a friend etc. I am simply not as good at those things without cycling. It may be a stretch to say that cycling makes me a better person, but it certainly makes me stronger in everything else that I do.

Here's a list of McCormack's results:

3rd - McLane Pacific Downtown Criterium3rd - McLane Pacific Foothills Road Race
1st Chris Thater Memorial
1st Tour of Connecticut
1st - Stage #1 International Tour de Toona
1st - Stage #5 International Tour de Toona
1st - Tour of Grandview Criterium
2nd Overall- International Tour de Toona
Stage Winner - Stage 1, Tour of Connecticut
USPRO National Champion
4th - Wachovia USPRO Championships
2nd - T-Mobile International
3rd - USPRO Criterium Championships
2nd - Wachovia Invitational
1st - Extran Pro Am Challenge
1st - Gastown Grand Prix
1st - Sequoia Cycling Classic Road Race
1st - San Rafael Cycling Classic
1st - Sequoia Cycling Classic Road Race
4th - McClane Pacific Classic Road Race


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Quit screwing around with cycling and find us a place to watch the Rose bowl!

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Nicely said.