Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dave Z Talk Radio

Dave Zabriskie, CSC rider. Time trialist. You can now listen to his deepest thoughts on cycling and life. It's basically DZ monologues: DZ as Jim Morrison (singing), DZ lactating (I'm not kidding), Tips on "How to Keep it Real."

... frickin' hilarious.

Here is "Inside My Mind #7" July 14, 2006:

I was in a group with Tom Boonen and we saw some cows on the side of the road.

Tom said "Dave, you see those cows on the side of the road?"

I said "Yes, Tom."

Tom said "That's what happens when cyclists die, we become cows and eat dirt."

I said "Wow, I can't wait."

In fact, on July 13, 2006, the day before, Dave finished 117th and Tom finished 120th, in the same group of about 20 riders, 40 minutes behind the leaders (Menchov, Leipheimer and Landis) on Stage 11 of the Tour, one of the most difficult mountain stages of the 2006 Tour.

206 km, 3Cat 1s and one HC climb( the Toumalet) and then the final 1,860-meter Cat 1 climb to Pla-de-Beret with an average gradient of five and a half percent. Brutal is the only way to decribe this stage.

Boonen commented after the stage:

"I've been riding on my bike for seven hours, I've climbed five cols... tomorrow, there's a stage of 212 kilometres, and after that, a stage of 230 kilometres... I think that's just great," Boonen said sarcastically. "This is scandalous, it's over the top. I'm also supporting the battle against doping, but with these sorts of stages, the battle will never be won," he said. See

After 7 hours and all that climbing, no wonder Tom and DZ were contemplating death and reincarnation.

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