Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A fortune on every roof

The race caravan at the start of a stage at Giro 2005 - by Vincent Gee from the reader submitted photo contest at Velonews. Gee is a Discovery Channel Team mechanic.

PEZ interviewed Discovery mechanic, Alan Butler, at the 2006 Giro. His response to the question: how much stuff do you have in the truck?

We have nine riders in the race, each has a race bike and a spare, except for Paolo who has two spares, then there are:- the time trial bikes and the spare time trial bikes, that makes 37 complete bikes. - 61 pairs of wheels and nine spare rear disc wheels. - five spare frames and five complete spare group sets- 20 pairs of handlebars. - nine turbo trainers for warning-up on, plus all the tools and race food. Oh, and there’s the espresso machine!” PEZ

So that's:

37 complete bikes
131 wheels (61 sets of wheels and 9 disc wheels)
5 frames
5 gruppos
20 bars
9 trainers

For Discovery alone-

At 22 teams in the Giro, assuming they travel with the same load as Discovery, that would be:

814 complete bikes
2,882 wheels
110 extra frames and gruppos
100 sets of bars
198 trainers

And don't forget the cars- 2 or 3 for each team, the neutral support and the race officials.

Oh yeah, and the espresso machine!

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Radio Freddy said...

MMMMM...Espresso. Is it safe to assume 22 espresso makers? And Baristas?