Tuesday, January 16, 2007


20 degrees. The high today is 20 degrees. This, after 3 days of rain and rainy snow. Since I don't and never will get paid to ride, I generally don't risk getting sick by riding outside in the cold and wet. So, armed with cycling.tv, the iPod and NFL playoffs, it was off to the trainer for me.

Wait for Elora to go down for her nap at noon and then had a 2-3 hour window.

Set cycling.tv to run whatever their running at the time- that way you don't have to click on the next race- you just let it keep streaming. Over Saturday and Sunday I saw parts of 2006 editions of Fleche Wallone, Amstel Gold, Liege and Paris Roubaix. The Classics. If that got boring, the Bears were on the TV.

The iPod alone is only good for about an hour.

4 hours over 2 days, 1 Bears game, parts of 4 or 5 races and it's only January! I'm doomed.


Anonymous said...

you betta ride boy because thems rides is gonna be fasterer than ever

FasterJim said...

They sure ain't getting any slower! Thanks for reading.