Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Glory Days

Naked Raygun has reunited and will be playing the HOB in April. Hot damn! Hot damn! Hot damn!

I remember seeing these guys when I was in high school at Tuts, a club that used to be on the 2nd floor at the corner of Shefield and Belmont and at the Cubby Bear, before lights at Wrigley and when it was a small one room bar.
The Cubs games would end and the daytime Cubs crowd would be replaced by all these kids in ripped up jeans etc. waiting to get in to the all ages shows. Talk about a clash of sub-cultures!
Songs like Surf Combat, Gear and Rat Patrol. Ain't gonna miss this one.

Tix go onsale on January 13, 2007- anyone else down for this!


Chris said...

Pre-sale, dude, pre-sale!!!

FasterJim said...

Yeah man. Got my tix yesterday.

Chris said...

Awesome. See you there. My ribs should be healed by then.

baughb said...

Just got my tickets. Oh baby
The Effigies is one of the warm up bands