Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Luck to Team USA

The World Cyclocross Championships are in Belgium this weekend. Organizers reported that two weeks before the championships, almost 10,000 tickets were sold. 10,000! At 25 euros apiece for the elite races (about $32).

Team USA
Jonathan Page
Tristan Schouten
Eric Tonkin
Ryan Trebon
Barry Wicks

Kerry Barnholt
Katie Compton
Rhonda Mazza
Christine Vardaros
Deidre Winfield

Jamey Driscoll
Charles Tobias Marzot
aniel Neyens
Chance Noble

Nick Keough
Carson Miller
Danny Summerhill
Jerome Townsend
Sean Worsech

Tristan Schouten has a great blog entry detailing his most recent training rides with some of the other US riders, including riding the Koppenberg!

PEZ has a great cross World's history primer here.


Peanut said...

Thanks for the props!!!! IT is turning out to be a nice day here today - 6 degrees C and a little rain but at the moment i see the sun. We just had a nice breakfast and those who are not racing today are out on training rides - which is where i'm taking off to in five minutes! I have been updating my blog regularly while i'm here with the USA team for those who want to read a girl's viewpoint of the Hooglede-Gits happenings.
Thanks again for your mention of us here on the other side of the world!
my blog:

Anonymous said...

US Cyclists did a great job this weekend. I was extremely surprised to see Jonathan Page on the podium last sunday!

Greetings from a belgian US-fan :-)