Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hincapie in the red, white and blue

From the Discovery training camp. Complete with custom paint job. Kind of looks like my very first 10-speed bike, a Schwinn, with a commerative Bicentennial (1976) paint job and seat.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord that's ugly. "American Flyer', for sure. First those brutal 'cross outfits and now this? Yikes, man, yikes. That bike is so 1980's. Don't all Treks look pretty bad though? Honestly? Yes, they do.


Nico said...

I second that. Not a big departure from the Trek 5500 OCLV of 1998. Man-o-man!

fasterjim said...

You'd think they would have done something a little more PRO than just the 3 tone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that said, there's a fine line to it too, right? That new Cannondale is a touch too looks like Soylent Green.