Friday, January 12, 2007

Tattoos of the Peloton #13

Phillippe Gaumont- rider in front, tattoo on lower right arm. Confessed doper.

He has published a book, Prisonnier du dopage, recalling his rather sordid existence as a professional cyclist in the Cofidis team. In it, he goes into detail describing his own doping and recreational drug taking practices, and those of several of the other members of the team. Gaumont ended his career in 2004 after he was arrested by police in relation to the Cofidis affair, which implicated a number of riders and soigneurs in doping practices.

"I swallowed anything that might make me go faster. At one stage, after 10 years, I couldn't imagine riding a bike without it." Gaumont described how he took Pot Belge in the winter of 1994-1995, then went onto taking amphetamines to do post-Tour criteriums. "They [the foreign riders in Cofidis in 1997] only used illegal products to improve their performances. We French not only did dope, but what's more, we regularly got high on amphetamines and Pot Belge." Gaumont added that before the 1998 Tour de France, he and several of the team's riders [including foreigners] were prepared by an Italian doctor, and packages containing EPO and growth hormones, along with instructions of how to use them, was sent to them. See

"Pot Belge" is a mixture of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and caffeine.

“I have admitted to taking illegal substances. What cyclist could say anything to the contrary?" and that the riders “are victims of a rotten system." Gaumont also claimed that 90% of professional cyclists currently used or past used performance-enhancing drugs. PEZ

Daily Peloton does not like him viewing him with "outright contempt" and stating that he "proved several times throughout his career that he is not to be trusted."

Photo: Daily Peloton

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