Monday, February 12, 2007

I Like Dirt

The earth is made of dirt and wood
And I'd be water if I could
Live in a dream
In your stream
Live in a dream
Red Hot Chili Peppers, "I Like Dirt"

My cycling passion did not start out on the road. It began in the dirt.

Let me take you back... (here's where I start making those sounds like from Wayne's World: doo doo doo doo.)

to 1989. Feeling out of shape, in need of something to do and having moved in to the city, I decided to buy a bike. I don't know why, but a road bike didn't appeal to me. So, I bought a mountain bike. A steel, no shock Nishiki. Quickly, everything became about the bike. New parts, new styles, new lingo, new bike (Cannondale). I fell in love with my wife in part because we shared mountain bike rides together.

Fast forward to Lance's first tour win and I got on the road. I admit it, I am a Lance-era roadie.
And I love the road. The speed, the draft, the tactics- I love it. However, the dirt is simpler.

This season, though, I vow to return to my roots. More dirt.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim - mine is a similar story. I started out with a roadie, a Miyata 912, when I was 13. It was lavender and had biopace chainrings. I rode lots and watched LeMond and Fignon duel it out and had a wicked appreciation for Bauer, Rooks, Roche and Kelly. Then I got dinged by a car so my parents made me get a mtn. bike. Years later, at 23, I got another roadie so i could train on it, and well, I havent been back on the mtn. bike since. But this spring, yeah, i also plan a retunr to my roots, also on a Cdale.


Chris said...

There's nothing like a bit of grit in the teeth!

-- Signed, a reformed Roadie