Monday, February 19, 2007

Introducing: Bill E. Goat

My mountain bike. A Cannondale F2000. With the old team paint job. Damn, I love this bike. Nimble, quick, built to climb. Just like a mountain goat.

See the resemblance?

XTR, Hayes discs, Lefty shock. I haven't changed much on it since I got it 5 years ago, other than regular maintenance (drivetrain, tires etc.), just a different seat, new pedals, third set of grips and I cut the bars down.

I wasn't sure about the disc brakes when I got the bike, but there's no other option with the Lefty. After riding with them, I love discs. I feel like I'm driving a sports car, fast into the corners and fast out.

The Lefty took a few rides to get used to, but once I got the air pressure dialed in... like butter. It can be a little disconcerting to look down and see only the one arm, but you shouldn't be looking straight down on the trail anyway. Performance wise, I think it steers better than a conventional shock.

I have ridden this bike all over, CO, UT and my own stomping grounds- the Kettle in WI and Palos here in IL. I can't imagine riding any thing else. I suppose at some point I'll go to full suspension, but for now Bill E. Goat is my steed of choice.


Matt said...

Full suspension is over-rated. I started with a fully rigid bike and progressed to 6" travel bike and now only have hardtails and one one, fully rigid. FS bike sgave me nothing but hassles and I still ride the same.

Nice bike, btw. Cannondale makes some great stuff!

fasterjim said...

Thaks for the comment. I agree. My fear with FS is that it is something that could go wrong. And it's heavier.