Friday, February 9, 2007

Nothing but the Tour and Doping

I was on the trainer at 5:40 a.m. today and had ESPN on. As yesterday's scores rolled by on the ticker, I saw an upcoming title "Cycling." I thought to myself, what would that be. Soon enough... it was a blurb about yesterday's deal between Floyd Landis and the French to delay the disciplinary hearing in France until after USADA has its hearing. To get this continuance though, Landis had to agree not to race on French soil in 2007. Ah, the French, so fair.

Maybe he could just do the prologue and stage 1 of the 2007 Tour, since they're in England.

Anyway, ESPN reported the story and then zoomed in on a "timeline" of Landis. This timeline started with the abnormal testosterone test. No mention of previous races or charity events, just doping.

Why are the only stories about cycling that we see in mainstream American media either about a Tour de France win or doping? It's total BS. The NFL, NBA and MLB haven't even agreed to the WADA code! Cycling tests the hell out of the riders and now is demanding DNA, basically treating the riders like convicted sex offenders. Don't get me wrong, cheaters should pay, but please. No wonder most non-cyclists think all bike racers are doped... it's the only stories they see.

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