Friday, February 2, 2007

A Proud Father

Saturday we went to On the Route Bicycles, one of our club's sponser, to say "Hi" and talk to John and Denis.

I was holding my daughter, Elora, who is just shy of 2 years old as we walked in. Her eyes turned "as big as saucers" and she yelled "Bapa, bikes!" She squirmed around in my arms and yelled "Bapa, down, down." I set her down and she ran up to a bike and again yelled "Bike, bike." Then she ran around to the other side and grabbed a pedal and said "Pedal, pedal" and moved the pedal backwards so it would move.

She ran over to another bike and then did the same thing. And on to another, and another... All the while proclaiming "bikes, pedal, pedal..."

I picked her up so she could say hi to D and John, she looked up and yelled "wheels" and pointed to the row of new wheels hanging from the wall.

All I could say was "Can you tell that she's my kid."

I was beaming the entire time. I have to confess... it was the proudest moment of my life.

Damn I am such a geek.


Chris said...

Dude, that's awesome! Our niece Kaylie asked for a new bike for Christmas, because "mamma, it's OK to have two bikes!"

She's only 3-1/2!

Anonymous said...

Dude - awesome! That's a pretty cool story. I don't have kids but I can imagine that would be pretty grin-inducing!


Kristy said...

You know Jim, it's never to late to learn about computers.

Anonymous said...

When I have kids, I think they'll go to the office, look at the books, and go: "the law, the law, love the law!"