Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stir Crazy

I have not ridden outside since January 7, 2007. That's 52 days or 1,248 hours or 74,880 minutes! Too long.
It has either been too cold, too wet or too cold and wet here in Chicago. I know I could brave the elements and get out there, but I don't work for the US postal service and I get sick when I am cold and wet.
When it has been nice enough to get out to ride it's been oin a Wednesday or Thursday and the 9-5 doesn't always allow for last sedcond days off to ride.
During this time I have spent way too many hours on the trainer. Once it warms up and we can get back outside, it will interesting to see who was able to deal with being inside and continued to train despite bening denied outside riding and who couldn't cope and just stopped riding.


Anonymous said...

I have stayed on the program, I will be ready - fastguy

Carlos said...

Wonderful movie!

Anonymous said...

I love chicken! Its delicious!