Saturday, February 17, 2007

Top 100 Guitar solos

The top 100 guitar solos of all time as determined by the readers of Guitar World:

1. Stairway to Heaven
guitarist: Jimmy Page band: Led Zeppelin album: Led Zeppelin IV more:

2. Eruption
guitarist: Eddie Van Halen band: Van Halen album: Van Halen

3. Freebird
guitarist: Collins/Rossington band: Lynyrd Skynyrd album: Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd

4. Comfortably Numb
guitarist: David Gilmour band: Pink Floyd album: The Wall

5. All Along the Watchtower
guitarist: Jimi Hendrix band: Jimi Hendrix Experience album: Electric Ladyland

6. November Rain
guitarist: Slash band: Guns n' Roses album: Use Your Illusion I

7. One
guitarist: Kirk Hammet band: Metallica album: And Justice for All

8. Hotel California
guitarist: Don Felder/Joe Walsh band: The Eagles album: Hotel California

9. Crazy Train
guitarist: Randy Rhoads band: Ozzy Ozbourne album: Blizzard of Ozz

10. Crossroads
guitarist: Eric Clapton band: Cream album: Wheels of Fire

Jimi Hendrix appears 6 times, Jimmy Page , 4.

I think this list reveals more about Guitar World's readers, than anything else. Guitar solos like any music or any art for that matter is in the ear of the beholder.

My quarrels with the list:

I've never been a big fan of Eric Clapton (5 appearances on this list) or of the Eagles, or of GnR.

Neil Young doesn't come until #39 for Cortez, the Killer.
Carlos Santana doesn't appear until #49
Alex Lifeson (Rush) appears at #94?
Pete Townsend's only appearance is at #25.

Go here for the full list.


Baughb said...


Kristy said...

OMG - Rush sucks so hard, I can't believe they made it on the list.

fasterjim said...


Blasphemy. Obviously you do not deserve "the rock."

Kristy said...

No more Rock Blocking! It is a shame that your otherwise pristine collection is soiled by the presence of Rush.