Tuesday, February 27, 2007


No matter how you slice it, I think Ullrich retiring stinks.

Cyclingnews reported these quotes from Jan:

I could ride again immediately, I could get a license, I am fit, as fit as
last year and could immediately have a team. I have seven offers, including
ProTour teams.


I have never cheated.

Yeah, but you can't prove that. There's no way for him to prove it other than to say it.

I think this illustrates the whole problem with the current system. Information is leaked, papers sent to race organisers and a rider is banned from the Tour, fired from his team and can't get a ride.

Some may say that he could provide a DNA test and that could clear him, but there is nothing to connect him to Puerto other than a list of code names. That's proof of nothing. Why would he trust a system that has already screwed him.

At least Floyd Landis will have the opportunity to prove he didn't dope. Hopefully the arbitration procedures will give him the fullest ability to do so. I fear though that those procedures are slanted in favor of the USADA/WADA and not the athlete.

Ullrich always had what some considered to be a "motivation problem" during the off and early part of the season. While Armstrong trained, Ullrich was said to be eating and hanging out with his family. It appears that now his motivation is completely gone. Can't say I blame him.

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