Sunday, March 11, 2007

Floyd Landis (and me)

Floyd Landis (and me) in August at the Vision Quest event...

Floyd Landis (and me) Friday night at the Floyd Fairness Fund benefit.

Photos don't lie; we both looked thinner in August. Anyway, I went to a Floyd Fairness Fund benefit at the H. Marion Framing Studio just outside of Chicago. Silent auction for various pieces of bike art and bike parts and a raffle for a Cannondale six13 donated by the Pony Shop. Tickets for the raffle were $100 (we didn't win).

Three Floyd's Pale Ale- a nice touch and a damn fine brew.

No defense presentation, just mingling. Floyd seemed much more outgoing than he was in August. Maybe he's gotten used to talking to lots of people he doesn't really know that well and with his admitted discomfort with asking people for money, maybe he's trying to go the extra mile. There were a few times where he was just walking aroundthrough the crowd, shaking hands and talking to people. Talking about whatever people wanted to talk about, someone asked him about DZ, someone else asked him about the ToC, just talking.

When this picture was taken he asked me my name and said that he thought he remembered meeting me before. I asked him how the hip felt, he said "great" and that he was looking forward to more riding. I asked him if he knew the TBV guys, he said he didn't and then joked that he thought they might get fired because of the obvious amount of time they had put into their efforts.

The power suit looks like the same one in interviews from the ToC. A little on the pimp side.

I think you can tell alot about someone by observing how they interact with other people. If I had to judge his innocence based by meeting, talking to Floyd and watching him, my "gut" says he's innocent.

On a personal note, it was good to see the Chicago riders out there- many I knew, and I met a few I didn't know. The principle topics of conversation were the warming and more-conducive-to-riding weather and the new bikes people had picked up in the off season.


strbuk said...

Hey FasterJim, nice of you to mention the TbV crew to Floyd. We're not ALL guys!


fasterjim said...

Paula- Sorry about that. Your're right. I should have used a term like "folks." Keep up the good work.