Saturday, March 3, 2007

Live is better than Memorex

Het Volk- what a great race! Pozzato attacked at the perfect time and got clear inside 300m or so. Got the jump on Boonen, Nuyens and a tired Flecha and O'Grady, who had been off the front.

It's always interesting to see who has the early season form and who doesn't. Boonen has said that he's only at 85% right now, if that is so, watch out come Flanders and P-R!

Interesting tidbits that probably only I care about:

1. Boonen, Nuyens and Pozzato were all teammates last season on Quickstep. Today they found themselves chasing with Baden Cooke. Cooke did little work. So, former teammates had to work together to bring back O'Grady and Flecha. They caught them just under 1km to go.

2. Cannondale 1st, Specialized 3rd.

3. Cold weather clothing choices? Knee warmers v. leg warmers v. BKW. Pozzato won with knee warmers.

As O'Grady at v-news wrote, cycling is in a bit of a shambles right now:
Next weekend's Paris-Nice is in turmoil, with the grand tours and the UCI locked in an infantile squabble that would be appalling if it took place in a preschool sandbox instead of at the highest levels of the sport. April's inaugural U.S. Open Cycling Championships in Virginia just lost its executive director. The Tour de Georgia is a month and a half off and a million smackers short. And we still don't know who won last year's Tour de France. In short, the sport seems to be losing its marbles faster than Britney Spears in a gin mill.

Maybe the big shots at the UCI, ASO etc. were watching. If they were, I hope they saw what I saw, that yes, as a sport cycling appears to have lost its way, but the racing was great.

As for me, as it was 24 degrees and blowing around snow here.more time on the trainer, more Metallica, more Premier League, but at least the race was live.


Anonymous said...

It was 24 degrees and blowing snow while I was out on the lakefront getting the early season HARDMAN need to get outside and stop the excuses Mr. FancyJacket

- notasfancyajacket

fasterjim said...


You right. But, after having a sinus infection for most of October and November, I fear getting sick. A lame excuse. Thanks for reading.