Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Magnus Looking to P-R

In February, 2007 Magnus Backstedt had surgery on his shoulder again, this time to remove the hardware (plate and screws) that were put in after he crashed on the track.

Preparing for Paris-Roubaix, he recently wrote in his blog:
... [now]it’s just whether I can take the vibrations of the cobbles or not. I have already spoken to Cannondale to help me out with some special things for my bike to minimize the hits I take to my arms and shoulders. Looking forward to see what they pull out of their factory for me.

Maybe Cannondale will do something like what it did for Saeco for the 2004 P-R, where all but one of Saeco's riders rode with a Cannondale Headshock.

Some riders don't pay attention to the technology, others are obsessed with it. Magnus falls into the latter group. I guess being one of the biggest riders in the peloton, he must. Since I can't root for Hincapie this year, I think I'll root for Magnus.

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