Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Parent's Dilemma

I was working at the shop on Saturday and a woman came in with her 2 daughters. One was 5 or 6 and the other one was 4 years old. Apparently, another kid on their block had gotten a new "big kid"bike and the girls were now unhappy with their "little kids" bikes.
So I started with a 16" bike for the younger girl and a 20" for the older girl. The woman was concerned that the younger girl would outgrow the 16" bike by next season. A reasonable and true assumption. But the 20"was way too big for her. She was so stretched out on the bike that she couldn't pedal the bike. Not a safe situation. The older girl would be good on the 20" for 2 seasons, so we were go there, but she couldn't pull the trigger on the 16" for the younger girl, given the price and the fact that she would out grow it by the fall.

Herein lies the problem. She came in with both kids to get both of them new bikes. The younger girl was not happy, tantrum and meltdown imminent. While I was getting the training wheels etc. on and charging the credit card, the woman took the 2 girls aside and was talking to them in very hushed tones. Whatever she said calmed the younger girl down.

As I wheeled the pink Trek Mystic out of the store, the older girl said to the younger girl "Yaaay, now we're going to go to Toys R Us and get you a new bike too!" Ahh, the innocence of children. The woman ran up and said "Shhh" but I had heard them. I looked at the woman and said "no worries, enjoy the bike."

Having a kid of my own, I understand her dilemma. Kids are expensive. If we have a choice we always buy clothes a little big, roll up the pants legs, Elora can wear them longer that way. This woman could have gone to Toys R Us and bought both bikes, but didn't.

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Chris said...

Dude, that's so weird. The latest issue of BRAIN talks about that very same problem. Good for her for springing for a TREK though.