Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Purple does come after 9

I got home late last night, at around 7:20. Elora was finishing her dinner.

I try to give Tammi as much of a break as can so I filled up the tub for Elora's bath, put the bath toys in, got her undressed and made sure she didn't fall while she got herself in the bath because as she says "Ewahwah do it."

My thoughts were not on the bath though. They were focused on what I needed to do to be able to ride the next morning. The forecast called for 50 degrees at 6 a.m.- no way was I going to miss it, even if it would be dark for most of the ride.

Elora's giggles and splashes brought me back to the present and after about 10 minutes, I gave her the 2 minute warning, i.e. you're getting out of the bath in 2 minutes. We have found that giving her some additional time to do what she was doing when we say enough has cut down on the meltdowns. Actually, to be honest, this time, she gave me the 2 minute warning:

Me: Elora, it's time to get out of the bath.
E: No, in.
Me: no, out.
E: In.
Me: Elora, come on, it's time to get out and get ready for bed.
E: Boo mora minute?
Me: O.k., 2 more minutes.

Elora plays in the bath for a minute and

Me: Alright, 1 more minute.
E: No, boo mora minutes.
Me: No, we already did 2 more minutes, 1 more minute and I'm counting.

Elora looks down at the water and

E: un, boo, tee, four, five, bix, beven, eight, nine, purple.
Me: Purple, purple doesn't come after nine.
E: (Laughing and nodding her head) Mmm, hmm... four five, bix, beven eight, nine... purple.
Me: (Also laughing) Elora, what comes after nine?
E: (Totally straight faced) Purple.

Then she laughed, stood up and grabbed on to my neck to get out of the bath.


Jason said...

classic stuff. I love that they can say this stuff and in their minds it's SO right.

I also love the fact that in my B-Man's world there's a Twenty-Teen.

Hope you got your ride in.


fasterjim said...

Yeah I did. Twenty teen- that's hilarious!

Peanut said...

I LOVE Elora! I'm going to borrow her "purple" and use it as a stock response any time someone asks me a question that doesn't make sense. IE: "How many miles do you ride?" "Purple."