Sunday, March 25, 2007


Today was a slow day- base miles. 50 miles- 3 hours, a little bit of work on the way back, against the wind. I read somewhere that you normally do not feel the effects of a hard workout until the day or even the second day after the workout. I expected to feel sore, stiff from the fast ride and some efforts yesterday, but I felt good. Better than good. I felt great.

This time of the season it's all about how I feel, not how fast or far I can go, that all comes later. If I get dropped from the group, it just means I have some more work to do. Now it is about "sensation." How I feel before, during and after each ride.

Sensations... of bike, muscle, road and speed. The big gear. Jumping on a wheel as the group surges forward. Closing a gap that someone else let open. All the while, paying attention to what my body is telling me. My heart rate was a little higher at points than I would like, but that will change.

The hours in December, January and February paid off. The base is there. Time to build.


Nico said...

It is time to bring the pain.

fasterjim said...


Right on!