Thursday, April 19, 2007

Earth to Floyd!

Anyone home??

Saw this at a couple of places (PEZ, cyclingnews...):

Foyd Landis charging $25 to have his photo taken with fans at a bike store in Dallas TX. What the h.. e.. double hockey sticks is that all about?

One of the things I always thought Landis had going for him was that people, including the everyday cyclist, could relate to him. He was "us" as opposed to "them." When you meet him and talked to him, which I have had the pleasure of doing twice now, he does not come off like someone who would cheat. I know, it could be an act blah, blah, blah, but I never got a "creepy" feeling talking to him.

This latest gimmick to raise funds shocks the conscience. I thought the whole idea behind the FFF tour and wiki presentation was to bring people in, to sway public opinion in Landis' favor.

The last time he was in Chicago, one of things that I was impressed with was that he took photos with everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if 100+ people walked out of there with a photo of themselves with Landis on the camera phone.

Twenty five bucks for a photo certainly would raise money, but I didn't think (hoped) that was his only goal.


strbuk said...

FasterJim, Floyd is trying to raise enough money for his defense so that he does not have to lose his home and all of his life savings. No one forces any of his fans to pay anything, it's their choice to support him in his defense, when they go there they KNOW that. I guess maybe it's earth to fasterjim.


strbuk said...

PS FasterJim, when you saw Floyd in Chicago you paid for the event, when he seeks a $25 dollar donatio for a photo op it's at FREE events at bike shops, NOT at FFF events!


fasterjim said...


Actually, both Chicago events I have attended were free, but I would have paid to go to both of them, if I had to.

I think Floyd is innocent and that he has gotten the shaft. However, I think charging money for photos with him is lame.

While it is frequently "earth to jim", not on this one. Thanks for reading.

Radio Freddy said...

It is truly a sad day when a PRO cyclist has to charge $25 to have their picture taken with a fan in order to defend their innocence in a questionable doping case.