Sunday, April 15, 2007

Post Paris-Roubaix Thoughts

What a race! The heat, the dust, the attacks. Besides O'Grady's race winning move, a few things that impressed me:

  • O'Grady looked like he was on a motor cycle while everyone else looked like they were standing still.
  • After the race, before O'Grady could even get cleaned up, a French reporter interviewed him, in French, of course. O'Grady responded in kind, never pausing or stumbling for words. I didn't know he was fluent in French.
  • During the interview, Cancellara and Michaelson came up to O'Grady and you would have thought they were long last friends who hadn't seen each other for years. A great example of the team spirit that CSC embodies.

That same spirit was present in Cancellara's post race comments:

As a defending champion, I'm very happy because I haven't lost it; we have won again as a team. I know what's on in Stuart's head now. It's a lot of joy. We'll celebrate it at the same hotel where we did it for me last year. In cycling, the sense of sacrifice must always be present. I already paired with Stuart in the finale of a classic last year in Zurich. It's a day of big cycling today; our whole team has done a great job.

It was refreshing to see that kind of team spirit. Pity those who forget that cycling is a team sport.


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