Friday, April 13, 2007

Racers' Point of View: P-R

Eddy Merckx, 3x P-R winner:

To the question of which great international classic he would like to win if he had the choice, a racer will always answer, Paris-Roubaix. It is simply the most prestigious race on the calendar and even a great career will be incomplet without a victory at Roubaix.

Andrea Ttaffi, '99 winner:

In this race (Paris Roubaix), the best will always win.

George Hincapie:

This is the one race that I dream of all year long, and look forward to all year long.
Chris Boardman:
It's a circus, and I don't want to be one of the clowns.

Sean Kelly winner in '84 and '86:

A Paris-Roubaix without rain is not a true Paris-Roubaix. Throw in a little snow as well, it's not serious.

Bernard Hinault, after winning in1981:

Paris-Roubaix est une connerie" translating to "Paris-Roubaix is bullshit" or "Paris-Roubaix is damned rubbish.
In "Road to Paris", Paul Sherwin:

Paris Roubaix is not a race that you need luck to win, it'a race that you need to not be unclucky.

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