Monday, April 23, 2007

There are no coincidences

I was reading Dirt Rag this a.m. and read a piece written by Captain Dondo about all mountain bikers being part of the same tribe regardless of the type of bike or riding they do. When describing his own riding habits, he writes:

I believe God thinks he's Eddy Merckx (go look it up, Bucky), so I still rip around on my road bike quite a bit.
I got a chuckle out of the look it up part. But it is so true. Being an admitted post '99 roadie, I learned about Merckx from looking him up after reading stuff about Armstrong. Ultimately concluding that Armstrong was great, but he basically only rode the Tour. Merckx won everything, from March until October, beating the snot out of his opponents year round.

Later this morning, with Merckx on the brain, I'm walking from the subway to the office and I come across this bike in front of the Bank of America building, corner of Clark and Jackson.

You got to love that head badge!

The frame appears to be very similar to the bike Merckx is riding on in this photo circa 1971. Merckx was such a bad-ass that he raced on bikes that bore his name. Afte he retired from racing, he went into building frames.

Go here for Captain Dondo's blog and the web version for the Dirt Rag piece.

Merckx photo: Classic Rendezvous

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