Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The a.m. ride

I got up this a.m. at 5:15 and was out of the house by 5:40. Chilly, but the sun was already on its way up so I didn't need the blinky please-don't-hit-me lights. A nice tail wind out of the NE, I knew it would be tough on the way back.

Right as I turned around for the dreaded up-wind tack, I met 2 other riders. After discussing the wind, introductions followed, Jack (from around Lakeview) and Marty(from Hyde Park.) I didn't recognize them, but Jack must have recognized me because he asked if I was still riding Judson. Both guys were older than me and appeared to be seasoned vets.

How can you tell a vet? I look at the bike, what's on it and how they ride. Anyone can stay in the draft on a down wind run, but the trick is smoothly finding the draft up wind or in a cross wind.

Bikes: Marty- C-50/full Record. Jack- Lightspeed.

While the wind was firmly out of the NE, the path changed, so you had to move around to find the sweet spot. Conversation ebbed as we quickly fell into a good rotation, all 3 of us adjusting our line to stay in the draft. Nice, strong pulls and in no time we were at the end of the path. They turned to go back south and I continued to go home.

What originally presented as a tough solo journey back north turned into an enjoyable "team" effort.

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TRI Vortex said...

Sounds like a great ride. I just did my longest ride ever (31 miles) not too long ago. Now if I just find people as slow as me to do a group ride with. Funny when people recognize you, when you don't know them. Makes you think about what about that day made them remember you.