Friday, May 25, 2007

BAM!- Part II

After reading my first post and then seeing some other reports, maybe I was a little hard on Riis:

My yellow jersey is in a box at home, you can come and collect it.

That's a pretty bold statement. It's one thing to admit to using EPO, it's quite another to say "... and I won the Tour using it..." The latter takes more courage.

Riis could have said, "yes I took EPO, but not for the Tour." Of course, no one would have believed him, but they wouldn't have been able to take the win away from him. Now they can as an admission is just as damaging as a failed test.

Maybe this is a first step towards as Smithers calls it "the revolution?" Let's hope all of this ends up with a cleaner more fair sport.



Matt said...

A beuatiful thing is going on at
T-mobile. I don't know a thing about Bob Stapleton, but he and the company seem quite intent on acknolwedging the mistakes of their past and trying to clean up the sport. Discovery? Well they just baileed and keep the secrets hidden. T-mobile seems pretty intent in staying with the sport - even in it's toughest hour.

TRI Vortex said...

So how much are the French paying all these people for their Tour wins. It's like, just because they don't have frog legs, they're not supposed to win.