Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Being Present

The 3 day weekend presented a perfect opportunity to get some BIG miles in, but the weather decided to intervene. I don't like to ride in the rain, so if it's raining when I'm ready to roll, I don't.

So, Saturday, it was raining at 4 a.m. when I peed and didn't stop until after 8 when it was just barely 50 degrees. Wet and cold. Just the way I like it. Needless to say, the ride went off at 7:30 sans me. It isn't always about the bike, family needs attention, so I endeavored to not dwell on the lack of a ride, but to "be present" with the family. Elora doesn't get to see me much in the mornings so I engaged her, trying to do what she wanted to do, like washing your hands with "cow soap, " soap in the shape of a cow, for 5 minutes and drawing pictures of kitty cats and playing hide in seek when the 2 year old is right across the room from you but looking in the other direction so you can't "see" her. We went to a birthday party in the late afternoon and Elora got to stomp in all the rain puddles on the way back.

Sometimes that's the hardest part of being a parent, being present. Balancing riding/training/diet, work and family. Attempting to excel at all 3, but knowing that 1, 2 or all of them suffer from the others.

But then, if I didn't have the kid, I'd miss out on watching this incredible mini-me experience life.

If I didn't have this job, I'd be just another attorney.

If I didn't ride... well that's not even funny.


TRI Vortex said...

Bike = $3,000
Hours Training = too many to want to count
Quote "incredible mini-me experience life" = PRICELESS

For everything you buy, there's mastercard.

For everything else, there's TRIATHLON.

Matt said...

I need to get me some cow soap. Need more cow soap.