Friday, May 25, 2007


Holy crap!! I have to admit that when I asked yesterday whether Bjarne would be next, I didn't really think he'd confess. Then BAM! the very next day he does it-

Riis, admitting to doping from 1993 to 1998, including to win the 1996 Tour, stated today:

I have taken EPO. It was a part of every day life as a rider.
He went on to say:

I'm proud of my results even though they were not completely honest, I'm coming out today to secure the right future for the sport.

What, Mr. Riis, do you have to be proud of? This guy makes me sick. He said some pretty harsh things about Basso and now it turns out he was just as, and maybe even more dirty than Basso. How do we know Riis didn't' turn a young Basso onto the dope?

"To secure the future for the sport." What future?? You and the rest of the needle users have killed it. You've sucked out all of its life.

Well, that's 5 of the 9 1996 Telekom Tour riders, is Jan next??? Certainly, Jan now has nothing to lose.

What happens now?? I hope they take away his 96 Tour win. CSC, Gerolsteiner, T-mobile... will they stay as sponsors? Why would they? Would you? I wouldn't invest $10 million in this sport right now. I don't think I'd invest $1.

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