Thursday, May 31, 2007

Don't kid yourself

I find the powers-that-be inconsistent reactions to the recent Telekom doping revelations disturbing. Musseuw admits to doping, oh wait, sorry to "making a mistake in the last year of his career..."- did ASO ask for his cobblestone back? No. Riis admits to doping for the 96 Tour and everyone wants his yellow jersey. Like it matters which race he doped for. If it wasn't the Tour, then that would be o.k?

Two of the other Telekom confessors now work for Gerolsteiner, yet Tour organizers only want Riis banned from this year's Tour, how does that make any sense?

Do we really believe that Riis is the only Tour winner to have doped? Don't answer that, because I'm not sure I really want to know. I'm not counting Floyd Landis (the kangaroos are still out on that one). Do you really believe that Telekom would have been the only team that was doping that year? Don't kid yourself.

Consistency, people. Treat similar cases similarly, otherwise it just looks like favoritism.

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