Monday, May 14, 2007

GoFaster Hardcore Award- Larry Harris

Saturday, group ride. Pretty quick. Towards the end of the ride, gearing up for the first of three sprints, I heard a lot of yelling of "Crash" behind me. Turned around and this is what I saw:

The bars on Larry Harris' Lightspeed sheared off right at the stem. Carbon you snicker? Nay, good 'ol aluminum.

He was gearing up for the sprint and at 30 mph, the right side of the bar snapped, going right into his wheel. The bike pulled hard to the left into the lane of oncoming traffic (luckily no cars were coming). Amazingly Larry kept the bike upright and did not go down.

Here's Larry giving us the details.

Larry gets the GoFaster Hardcore Award of the week.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Holy shizbit that's not only scary, but some damn impressive riding by Larry! Whew that could have been nasty.