Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Sabotage

Conversation during the weekend's rides was dominated by all things Floyd Landis. Did he, didn't he. What an idiot for allowing his manager to call Lemond. What's Lemond's beef with everyone who ever dared win a Tour. Why didn't Landis tell his attorneys about the call etc.

Today, the hearings continue. TBV, a sympathetic to Landis, yet objective clearinghouse of Landis info blog, described this morning's fog in CA as they travelled to the hearing site:

Those looking for metaphors can look at the fog that has enshrouded things, obscuring the truth; or the dangerous conditions of the unexpectedly treacherous roads; or the hope that dirt will be washed away in a cleansing bath.

I, however, attribute a more sinister motive to everyone:

I Can't Stand It
I Know You Planned It
I'm Gonna Set It Straight, This Watergate
I Can't Stand Rocking When I'm In Here
Because Your Crystal Ball Ain't So Crystal Clear
So While You Sit Back and Wonder Why
I Got This Fucking Thorn In My Side
Oh My, It's A Mirage
I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage

Whether or not Landis is guilty of doping, the hearing so far has been a mirage. Having Lemond there proves nothing; it's merely a sideshow. Having Papp testify is at best insulting. He is not an expert in whether testosterone would help Floyd or not. He's a rider who got caught and cut a deal.

Above all, I want a fair process.

P.S. On the why didn't Landis tell his attorneys about the call... if clients always did what they were supposed to, they wouldn't need lawyers.

P.P.S yeah, I know I went back on my recent "I won't post about Floyd etc." tirade... all I can say is it's my blog and I changed my mind.

Lyrics: "Sabotage" Beastie Boys

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TRI Vortex said...

I know you said you weren't but thanks for the update. By the way, I PR'd a 16 mile ride, and AVG just under 15 MPH.