Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Race Report- Monsters of the Midway- 5/13/07

I originally wasn't going to do this race because crits scare the be-jebus out of me. As some of you know, I was a late comer to road cycling/racing, so going balls out fast and diving into corners with 30 - 40 other crazies just doesn't entice me. I prefer road races, neutral starts, easy corners etc.

Thinking that I was not going to race on Sunday, I rode Judson on Saturday, 68 miles, basically the ride-behind-Josh ride. Seemed like he was on the front, not just at the front, for 40 miles.

During post ride java, met up with some team mates who were racing and they convinced me that the turns on the race course were mild, basically like a NASCAR track, and I was a wuss for not going, so I was in.

We did the Cat 4 race, I figured that I'd get wasted in the 30+ or 40+. It was the largest field of the day with about 70+ guys. At the start, I couldn't clip in (D'oh) and as fast you can say "CLICK" I'm the very last rider. So I spent the entire 45 minutes of the race trying to move up- on the inside, not much doing there, no go in the middle, settled on the outside where at least I would have a clear line on the turns. 32 mph on the 2 long straights, then slow down because of the riders in front of me to 20 on the turns, jump out of the saddle, get back up to speed and move up. Repeat.

Ended up finishing in the 30s. Not bad for starting dead last.

My major impression is that I need to get out of that category and the only way to do that is to do more races. No crashes + bike o.k. + body o.k. = good race.


TRI Vortex said...

Congrats on the late entry, late start, and great finish! I'm thinking about doing the Long Beach Marathon Tour.

Matt said...

Hey good for you for giving it whirl! Crits scare me too - I never have even considered doing one and we have a tuesday night series here both on pavement and dirt. I'd like the high intensity part of it, but my worst injuries have all come from other riders.