Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Family Crash Palace

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... no not that one. A long time ago, 1995 or so, when I was solely a mountain biker, we went up to the Kettle in Wisconsin almost every weekend.

Instead of parking at the John Muir side, we would go up to the Emma side and park there. After riding there so much, we began to give different parts of the trails names, like Shinbone Alley, so named because of the number of shins knocked when descending and then falling.

My favorite however, was Family Crash Palace, a section of trail that featured a longish rough down hill with alot of rocks and other stuff to navigate. Not a particularly difficult piece of trail, but it could be tricky.

I was ahead of the rest of the group and stopped at an intersection for them to catch up. Behind me at the top of the hill on the other trail, some riders started to descend. First was a boy, maybe 10 years old on a BMX bike. He made it through the first section but then hit a rock head on and bounced, then hit another and bounced and by the third rock, he was airborne, but he was still holding on to the bars. As he came down he hit the crossbar on the handlebars with his chest and bike and boy went into the trees.

Right behind the boy, a girl came down, she didn't fair much better and ended up in the woods. Next came a woman, presumably Mom, on a Trek hybrid, who upon seeing her 2 kids on the ground, lost control and crashed.

Finally, comes Dad, on a tricked out, very nice mountain bike, Camelbak... the works. He cleans the technical section, but sees his family in complete shatters and stops. The boy got up rubbing his chest, where the bar left a chest-wide red line across it and tearfully said "Dad I don't feel so good." Then, the daughter came up and said "Daddy, I crashed too." Mom tried to console the 2 kids, all the while giving Dad a dirty look of "You told me we wouldn't get hurt."

Dad got off his bike, carefully leaned it against a tree and looked at me. I said "He hit that crossbar pretty hard." It was the only thing I could think of. I asked if they needed any help and he said no, they'd be o.k. My group came up and we rolled.

Son, daughter, Mom in tears and Dad looking at me as if to say "save me" ... Family Crash Palace.


Chris said...

I assume you know by now about John Schultz at the Pony Shop -- Emma Carlin, long downhill, sandy turn, tree ... ouch!

fasterjim said...

Chris- I hadn't heard about it. He and the bike o.k.?