Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation Plans

So we finally set the dates for our annual trip out west. August 1 -15. Winter Park CO for a week and then destination unknown, looking at Salida CO, possibly NM (maybe Matt, but it's a longer drive.)

Last year's trip was Winter Park, then Flagstaff AZ for 2 road races and then Breckenridge CO. Lots of mtb and a little road. Not going to make it that far west this time.

Problem is, I haven't been on the mtb yet this season, just lots of road miles. Sad and lame I know, but riding on the road is much easier.

Before we had the kid, Tammi and I would mountain bike together almost every weekend. I would do the group road ride on Saturday and the Sundays was for the mtb. It was great. But, now with the kid, things become more complicated. We have to get a sitter ($12/hr.) to enable us to both go. Also, we enjoy doing things with all 3 of us and given the hours I work during the week, Sunday is usually that time.

Here in Chicago, it's easy for me to get out and do a 70 miles fast group ride and be home by 10:30 a.m. But to get on the mtb requires at least an hour drive each way. If we can't get the sitter, I can't just load up the car and say"see y'all later" and be gone the whole day, leaving Tammi and enjoying the trails.

When Tammi and I first got together, everyone said "It's so great that you both ride." I still think it is, but it is difficult. I am the more addicted rider. I get up at 5 a.m. so that I can do 25 miles or so during the week and get back by 7 a.m. We juggle the rest of the family duties so Tammi can get a ride in here and there, but it's sporadic

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Matt said...

Yeah if you are driving, no need to head further south...Salida will give you all that you need. But so would Steamboat and you'll be right there. Good luck!