Friday, July 6, 2007


That's how I feel about the Tour. Nothing about it really excites me.

I entered Smithers' pool mostly because I like to gamble almost as much as I like to ride my bike. But, there was no enthusiasm in making the picks.

Here's my pool picks:

1st Place Final GC, 100 points Vino
2nd Place Final GC, 50 points Sastre
3rd Place Final GC, 25 points Levi
Green Points Jersey Final, 30 points R. McEwen
Mountains Jersey Final, 30 points M. Rasmussen
Team Final, 10 points Astana
Prologue Stage Winner, 10 points D, Zabriskie
Col d'Aubisque Stage 16 Winner, 15 points M. Rasmussen
Champs-Elysées Stage 20 Winner, 20 points T. Hushovd
Yellow Jersey on Rest Day July 16th, 5 points Contador
Yellow Jersey on Rest Day July 24th, 5 points Vino

Maybe some French guy will take the yellow jersey out of nowhere and make it exciting.

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