Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fried Chicken Reflection

Wednesday. Time for the MidWeek Classic. The plan was to take the day off, watch the Tour, hang with the kid in the afternoon and then do the ride.

After the afternoon's bomb dropped, the only thing left to do was go ride. 40 miles of hammer time. Would the dopers really stop us from riding? Don't think so. They may cause us to stop watching them, but not from riding.

Unfortunately, a teammate flatted just over halfway. So I and a couple other guys stopped. Tried to get back on, but even taking some shortcuts didn't help.

I care whether the PROs are clean because I want to believe in a clean effort, an even chance. The bike is an equalizer. The effort required by each rider is dependent upon power, endurance. I know I am naive.

Does Rasmussen being fired change my view of the stage today? Not really. It was still incredible. If Rasmussen had been gone today, maybe Levi and Contador could have gone 1,2? Who knows.

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