Thursday, July 19, 2007

MWC- the rainy edition

I hate riding in the rain. Hate it! Mostly because I am my own mechanic, so a ride in the rain means extra time cleaning the bike.

Last night at the Mid Week Classic, it rained. Started to rain just before University and really didn't stop until we got home. It slowed down a bit at times, but basically just poured on us. Thunder, lightening, the works, it felt more like hail than rain. Surreal is the only word to describe.

Funny thing was though, it was one of the best rides... EVER. I can't explain it, but despite being wet to the bone with water-logged shoes and the rooster tails blinding me, I felt great.

Even with the rain, our average speed was 22.7 mph, high was 33.1.

The smile on my face stayed even while I started cleaning the bike last night.

Doppler photo borrowed from Spicyride.

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