Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My 2007 Tour de France reflection

1. The top 3 GC riders finished within 30 seconds of each other. 4th place was 7 minutes back, that's a huge gap. If Astana had remained in the race, a couple of their riders may have filled in that gap, but still. Some have said this is proof of doping by the top 3. Maybe, maybe not.

2. You can't talk about the Tour without talking about doping:
- Vinkourov tested positive for blood doping.
- Christian Moreni (Cofidis), positive for testosterone.
- And now, Mayo positive for EPO. Though, you'd think if he was gong to dope, he'd have made sure he won something, instead of finishing 27 minutes back. Maybe he needs to sport a t-shirt that says "I visited Dr. Fuentes and all I got was 16th place."

3 different riders, 3 different methods. Mayo's July 24 positive was announced yesterday, that's a 6 day delay. Don't be surprised if there's 1 or 2 other positives lurking out there.

3. Rasmussen is an idiot. Pulled out of the race by Rabobank for having lied about his whereabouts. Even now he won't give a straight answer as to where he was.

4. The racing. I have to say, even with the positive tests, I enjoyed the Tour. Cancellara attacking in the yellow to get that stage win was awesome. The last stage in the mountains was as exciting as any LA stage. Levi taking the last TT. Great racing.

What did you all think?

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