Monday, July 2, 2007

On Form

There's that point in each season when one feels incredible on and off the bike. Many riders try to arrive "on form" for a certain race or period or month as in LA and the Tour.

My riding and training is not scientific. While I have hard days and recovery days, I don't follow a set schedule of intensity or intervals. I ride when I can, paying attention to the feedback my body gives me. When "on form" rides feel easier: gaps easier to close, pace lines easier to pull through. I am able to move anywhere in the group (although breaking away and staying away from the group remains a mystery.)

I think I hit my form this weekend. Two Judson rides, Saturday's faster than Sunday. Saturday, I felt great, able to do whatever I wanted. Sunday, despite the Saturday efforts, felt good until the last 10 miles and then my legs let me know they had had it. But that was after after almost 120 miles over 2 days.

The group rides feel faster now. Maybe everyone is on form. That's a good thing; it gets us home faster for java.

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