Thursday, July 26, 2007


Michael Rasmussen is refuting Rabobank's version of his firing stating:

I'm shattered. I'm on the verge of tears. I was not in Italy. Not at all. That's the story of one man who believes he recognised me. There is no hint of evidence.

If he was in Mexico for almost a month he should be able to prove it. Wouldn't he have receipts for say... lodging, food etc. How about an airline ticket? He didn't swim there! Wouldn't he also have a stamped passport? Since he's in the EU, he wouldn't have a stamp for going to Italy, but he would to go outside the EU.

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Matt said...

If he was in the interior and not on the border which it sounds like he was, he would have had to have obtained a tourist visa and there would be a record of that. Upon his leaving the country he would have been required to return the visa so they can close out the record. About 15 years ago while doing work down there, I got a visa and never returned it. Came back 6 months later and applied for a new visa and well they had record of my old one and gave me a fine (which you pay to the banks no to the border patrol) for not returning it.

Anyway after that I obtained my work visa and that itself was pretty involved too. They gave me a book the size of a passport book and tracked all of my travels in the country.

Point being is that Mexico is a developed copuntry and they certainly would have records of his existence in the country.

fasterjim said...

Thanks for the info. Confirms that Rasmussen ought to be able to prove where he was.