Friday, July 27, 2007


Riders are under suspicion even if they haven't tested positive. Greg LeMond casts doubt on Contador, from cyclingnews:

LeMond insisted that the riders know very well who dopes and who doesn't, suggesting that "it's obvious there are still dopers in the peloton." He explained that Contador weighs the same as Rasmussen, and both climbed at the same speed as Pantani. "That's sufficient for the red flag to come up." He also reminded us that Contador's name came up in connection with OperaciĆ³n Puerto, but was cleared
after the 2006 Tour
. "I am not pointing the finger at him [Contador]. I am simply saying if Rasmussen got caught then we also need to have a very close look at his competitors."

First, Rasmussen didn't get caught, his team let him go because of discrepancies as to where he was when he missed an out of comp test. Second, According to LeMond, if you climb as well as Pantani, you must be on something. The implication is either that no one could ever climb as fast as Pantani or if you climb as fast as Pantani, you're doped because Pantani was doped.

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