Friday, July 13, 2007


CSC team director Kim Andersen "irked" by a reporter asking if CSC had tried to elimnate Vino after he crashed:

No way did we ride [to get rid of him]. Nobody waited when Carlos crashed. Stop that bullshit. That was the race. My team didn't know that he had crashed. And CSC was not pulling the most, it was Liquigas and Rabobank. It was just the race; the peloton needed to go fast then, because if not, they would not have caught the leading riders. The leaders were taking time at that moment.

CSC quote

Maybe. Maybe not. Like when Postal dropped the hammer at the 2004 Tour when Mayo bit it on the cobbles.

Johan Bruyneel said of that day:

It was a bad day for some guys... and it was expected. For sure today you can not win the Tour de France, but you can lose the Tour de France. Nothing is finished yet, but almost four minutes for Mayo is a very, very important gap. Still, nobody waited but it was too nervous over the last 60km... Nobody waited for the Maillot Jaune either, and he was also behind.

Johan quote.

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