Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Civic Responsibility

Finally able to breath clearly after sinus hell. No rides for me since Sunday because of the snotty stuff compressing my brain against my skull. Anyone who suffers from sinus issues knows what I'm talking about.

Today I had jury duty. Get downtown by 8:30 and sit in a room until 12:00. Go get lunch, return at 1:30 and sit there until 4:30 and then go home. My panel didn't get picked to go up to a court room. Probably would not have been picked to sit on a jury since I am a lawyer, but I know some coworkers have served on a jury and found it interesting. Maybe, maybe not.

In any event, jury duty is a necessary part of living in a democracy. It is guaranteed by the Constitution in both criminal and civil cases. While it seems like a pain in the ass to sit in that room for a whole day, I think that is preferable to having a crotchety old judge decide your case. The whole reason the founding fathers gave us the right to a jury was because they didn't want a privileged few judging the unprivileged rest of us.

Tomorrow I'm going out to Palos to check out the race course. Reports are that the trails are dry and in great condition. I hope to the the loop 4 times and get some experience on the sections I don't know that well.

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