Thursday, August 23, 2007

The feel

MWC last night. Around 40 miles in 1:36.

The label "epic" is often applied to a group ride. Sometimes a ride is epic because of the speed or a muskrat. Sometimes because of the seemingly gallons of rain that get dumped upon us by mother nature.

Last night's ride was fast, I had our average at 24.2 mph. My average HR was 168 and my high 182. I knew we were in for it when Josh showed up on his TT bike. He is about the only person I would trust to ride behind while he was in aero position. And he was fast, coming to the front and pulling at 28 - 30, then pulling off to the left. The riders behind him would attack, keep the speed up. Then, Josh would move back to the front and pull, again steady 28-30.

While last night's ride was lickety split, that was not made it epic for me. For me it was the "feel" of the ride. It's hard to explain. I knew that I could trust 25 of the 30 or so wheels out there. At all times I felt safe. Most everyone chased down the gaps and helped catch the attacks, thereby keeping the pace high.

The post ride beer toast was "To the best ride ever." And it may very well have been.


holly said...

My husband got home last night from the ride and his comment to me was boy that was some fast riding(with a strange smile).

TRI Vortex said...

28-30! Yah, I can pull, on a 10% Downhill with the wind on my back. I think that is my fastest sprint, but I can only hold it for a hundred yards or so. Geez you gear heads are nuts. I my neighborhood, that's speeding.