Friday, August 17, 2007


Old news, but I am still catching up...
We are not comfortable managing and running a team right now.

-Lance Armstrong on Tailwind's decision to disband Discovery.

In a word: lame.

LA is set up for life because of cycling. Some of their reasons were legit: doping, ASO v. UCI etc., but none of those are new. If T-Mobile can be "comfortable" to stay in with the revelations regarding their Tour teams, anyone can.

LA had the opportunity to come to the front of the peloton and lead, instead he took his pile of cash and folded. How sad.

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Matt said...

Horner ripped good. Look for the Cyclingnews story.

I think Lance had an epiphany when Contador won the TdF. When Contador won - wearing Discovery clothes, and then got hit with allegations of doping - Lance knew right then he had to kill the team. Why? Because the REST of his life he has to protect his name and distance himself from anything that might further incriminate him.

Living a lie must be tough...