Saturday, August 25, 2007

RATM- Taking the Power Back

Well, the Rage Against the Machine show last night was pretty damn good.

Venue: Alpine Valley. Pavillion seats are good lawn not so much I've seen many, many shows here- the Dead, Phish, The Who, RHCP, Pearl Jam Soundgarden etc. etc. The lawn is lame, you usually cannot see the stage unless you are close. Last night we were far away.

We left Chicago at 5:30, got to the exit for the venue at 7:20, parked in the venue at 9:30. That is not a typo, it took us over 2 hours to go 3 miles. Alpine is known for their shitty traffic control, but this was the suckiest suck that ever did suck. I asked one of the parking staff why they weren't more together because the show had been sold out for weeks and her response was that they didn't expect everyone to arrive at the same time. When I reminded her that it was a 7:00 start on a Friday night, she said "Oh yeah, maybe we should have had more people working"... Duh!

The crowd: Mostly white males in that all so important 18-34 age range drinking too much alcohol. When Zach went off on Bush and co. basically saying hat the whole administration should tried for war crimes and that the "people" are really what the powers that be fear, many in this crowd did not know how to respond to RATM's cry to "Wake Up!"

The show: Here's a (I think) complete setlist:

Bulls on Parade
People of the Sun
Bullet in the Head
Tire Me
Take the Power Back
Guerrilla Radio
Calm Like a Bomb
Sleep Now in the Fire
Wake Up
Encore: Freedom/Township Rebellion
Killing in the Name.

Pretty standard Rage setlist. Very similar to the last show I saw of theirs 7 years ago just before they split up. The whole band was tight. Morello was on fire. Felt like they just picked up where they left off. There was a lot of energy coming from that stage. I really wish this show had been indoors- even in a shed (i.e. big venue) we would have felt the power. Outdoors at a venue like Alpine, the energy just seemed to float up to the sky.

Total playing time with encore was 1:10. Short. But I'm used to jam band sets and am probably a little spoiled in that regard. I can only hope that this reunion spurs them to record some new stuff. The world could use a voice like Rage right now.

Got home at 1:30 a.m. Elora got up at 6:15. No ride for me today as it was wet when I woke up and I had to bea at work by noon.


Chris said...

Part of the problem was that Route 50 was shut down in a bunch of spots, so all the FIBs were looking for a way to get to Alpine -- and there's only 3 ways there.

Carlos said...

Lucky thing you had 4-wheel drive. I got stuck in the mud twice with my Mustang...