Monday, August 6, 2007

Winter Park Day 1

Trails were wet, but not too wet. Just enough to make everything tacky. Nothing too hard as we have 4 more days to ride and the altitude takes some time to adjust. I have found that my HR is about 20 beats higher than in Chicago at a comparable effort.

We rode up Vazquez Creek Rd. and then got on the single track- Blue Sky to Tunnel Hill, then back down Vazquez Creek Rd. to D4.

D4 is, as many of the trails here were, an old logging road that has gradually turned into rough double track. It winds up twisting and curving between 2 forest service roads.

From D4 we jumped on D2. Same type of trail, but D2 goes down.

Back on the forest service road and ended up on a new piece of single track called Aiko. Basically all up. We turned around as we're running late- had to pick Elora up from daycare by 1:00. Aiko was alot more fun on the way down.

Took us less time to get back to town than I thought, so we had time to enjoy a cup of Winter Park Roastery's finest.

18 miles total. Both bikes running great. Tomorrow, we'll add some distance. Great thing is there's 100s of miles of trails here. Wednesday I am going to do the King of the Rockies race course.

Us enjoying the java.

And the bikes enjoying the java.

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