Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Winter Park Day 2

The day started dry and ended wet. Tammi took Elora to pre-school at 7:30 and I got the gear ready.

Started out the same as yesterday, but climbed up the forest service road instead of D4, then down D2 and Elk Meadow. Next, we rode up Chainsaw.

This also was an old logging road that has now changed into double track and single track. It starts with a nice size climb and then rolls up and down intersecting with 2 other trails: Zoom and Flume. We headed up Flume but it was pretty wet, so we didn't blaze through it.

25 miles and 3 hours. Only saw 3 other riders today, one of whom was a kid in a US Postal jersey with his dog. Can you imagine growing up in a place like this? "Hey Mom I'm going out to play" takes on a whole new meaning.

Plans for tomorrow may change as it rained most of the afternoon. I'll wait until the a.m. to make my plan.

As with anything local knowledge is key. If you strike up the right conversation with the right person at the right time, you might get lucky and get turned on to some trails that are not on any map... local knowledge... keep it on the DL. I got a cup of coffee this afternoon while Tammi and Elora napped and had just such a conversation at one of the local bike shops and got lucky. Tomorrow I am going to check out some of these trails. Apparently Aiko is one such trail, so forget I wrote about it yesterday.

They also told me that the area surrounding Chainsaw, Zoom and Flume are going to be logged this winter, basically clearing out dead trees. The authorities intend to keep the trails intact, but the character of those rides will be drastically changed. I am lucky to have ridden them dozens of times as this is my 10th or so year riding here.

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Matt said...

Sweet! Looks like damn fun times.