Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Winter Park Redux

It's 5:15 a.m. and it is raining, not just a little bit, but pouring. No ride for me.

The Winter Park trip was great. 100 miles over 5 days. Pictures don't do the trails justice just as words can't adequately describe the feeling of flying through Colorado singletrack. I love that mountain town.

Elora travelled well. 1200 miles in 2 days each way. We didn't even have to pull out the emergency stash of matchbox cars and puzzles marked "Use only in case of emergency."

The new Subaru with Thule rack also travelled well. Much much, much better gas mileage than the Xterra. I am so happy to have sold that car.

At one point on the drive to CO in flat as can be Nebraska, she saw some rolls of hay in the fields. She asked what they were:

E: What are those?
Me: Hay.
E: Hay?
Me: Yeah, big rolls of hay.
E: What are they for?
Me: Cows eat them.
E: Cows eat them.
Me: Yeah and horses.
E: Cows and horses eat hay?
Me: Yeah, cows and horses eat hay.

Almost at the same time we passed some cows.

Me: Elora see the cows.
E: Cows!
Me: Hey cows.
E: Hey cows. (She laughs)
E: Hey cows, want some hay.
E: Hey cows want some hay.

For the rest of the trip, whenever we saw some cows, she would say "Hey cows, wnt some hay."

Riding the road bike yesterday after almost 2 weeks off of it was a little weird, but not so much. The weirdest thing was how damn light it was compared to the MTB. My road bike comes in at just over 17 pds. with the Carbonnes. My MTB is just over 23 pds. That's a big 6 pds.


Matt said...

23lbs mtb? Thats light...my singlespeeds weigh that much.

It's 6AM for me and I'm just draggin ass. Time to go now i suppose.

fasterjim said...

Yeah, that Cannondale is light. I think it was 23.2. But being that light and a hardtail it can be a harsh ride.

Chris said...

Wimp! I rode to work today, not too bad. But I also went back to bed at 5:45 so I didn't leave until after 6:30 ... Your trip sounds awesome. I'm so jealous.